Friday, July 22, 2011

Are Hydrogen Fuel Cell Cars, Clarity for the Future

There are many alternative fuels hitting the market some of which are more interesting than others. Vehicles using a fuel pump that pushes grain alcohol or car using electric generators attached to the wheel hub bearing but not all of these ideas will succeed. Most new technology will fall by the waist side and be over shadowed by others. The hydrogen initiative is one of the ideas that will most likely see a lot more attention in the next decade. Not only is hydrogen clean to the environment but it also means that the only byproduct of a vehicle powered by hydrogen is water and we can all use more of that.
In the attempt to get more efficient cars on the road many car companies and technology rims have tried hydrogen fuel cell cars with varying degrees of success. Honda has had one of the most “in the news” version of this car which is called the Clarity which is basically a civic but under the bonnet it houses a secret. A hydrogen fuel cell power plant that can be fueled just like a gasoline motor but the emissions are leaner than the air in the city where the testing is being done…LA.
While this car may be the future in some people’s eyes others think the electric car movement others see the complete electric car as the way to go. Electric cars are a great idea in principal but the truth is their range is limited and it takes a good amount of time for the batteries to recharge. Anyone who has an EV will tell you that they must have a second car to take them on longer trips which kinda defeats the purpose. Hydrogen may just be the way to go but it is a bit too soon to know, also even the clarity has a $600 a month lease payment…a bit too steep for a Honda that is not an NSX Type-R. 

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